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what we do

Whether you need to advance your mission, raise money, find supporters, build relationships, enhance your profile or change policy;

Whether you have a big budget or none at all, we can offer Do-Gooders like you an effective and feasible solution to your PR and marketing needs.

If you are a non-profit organisation or social enterprise with limited resources, we have essential services and discounted rates to help you get the best return on your communications and marketing efforts without affecting your priorities.

If you are a socially responsible company looking to make an impact through your brands and products, we will develop strategies to help effectively communicate the messages to your current and prospective customers, and stakeholders. We can also connect your company with an organisation with the right cause so that you can directly support.
Non-profit Services Business Services
Solutions for small NGOs and SEs (membership-based service)

Communicating your good cause (customised service for relatively affordable NGOs/SEs)

Good Cause Partner Match
Communicating your good cause

Good Cause Partner Match