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good cause partner match

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Are you an NGO/SE looking for training,
free resources , or
free professional support / mentorship?
Are you a company looking to work with an NGO/SEs?

Do you have volunteers, pro-bono service, event venue, distribution channels or donations to give to an NGO/SEs?

We can match non-profit organisations and social enterprises with companies in a way in which the affiliation strengthens and enforces mutual objectives. Through the partnership programme the company will optimise social engagement and enhance corporate social responsibility that reinforces its brand while inspiring others to take action and make a difference.

By developing the association, your company is helping the non-profit organisation enhance its visibility and influence in the community, and thus help cement its ability to galvanise further support, contributions and donations.

How it works:

The Good Cause Partner Match is managed off-line.

We encourage you to post your Help Wanted Ad or what you can offer on our online platform Do-Gooder Community.

Proceeds from our business services will be used to support non-profit services.