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Case Studies


 The Conservancy Association ECO RANGERS Orienteering Competition 2015 (May – Dec 2015)


PR for Good was appointed as the PR agency of the Conservancy Assocation’s first-ever orienteering fundraising event. The outdoors event which combines the quizzes and hunt-and-catch the environmental monsters is a physical challenge, a battle of wits, and an educational activity for participants in which people can learn more about the threats to Hong Kong’s ecological conservation. 


We engaged Sammy Leung in being the Ambassador of Eco Rangers and helped spread the message through his network. the event. During the period a total of 41 counts of media coverage, valued $1.5 million were recorded.


PR & Publicity of Buddha You Run (Oct-Nov 2015)


Po Lin Monastery organised its first-ever trail run Buddha You Run. In order to create awareness, PR for Good arranged a press conference for the event to announce the event details and get across the non-religious message: regular exercise is beneficial to both physical and mental health. A lot of journalists were attracted to the press briefing where the organiser announced an important upcoming event.


We also arranged media interview with important people involved in the race, including the venerable monks from Po Lin Monastery as well as Eric, who joined the race with four of his family members. Many media organisations attended the kick off ceremony on the event day. In total the event has resulted about 60 counts of media reports in mass media and sports/running websites and fan pages.




SUNIFG HONG KONG [email protected] 2015


RunOurCity, a social enterprise dedicated to support teenagers build a positive goal and attitude hosted HONG KONG [email protected] in September 2015. The fun run positioned as an event promoting social inclusion attracted almost 10,000 runners including elders, families, disabled persons and wheelchair users.


PR for Good supported the PR and media relations of the event, and also took care of the green market, NGO booths and obstacle run at the carnival, volunteer coordination as well as the formation of charity partnership.


We staged a flash mob in the bustle and hustle area of Central, a cost-effective way to create publicity before the event opened for registrations. In May, we organised a press conference that involved celebrities, athletes and supporters. We devised various newsworthy story angles and convinced target media to cover the event. The effort ended up generating 180 counts of media coverage, of which more than half in general news section. The total media value exceeds 4.7 million.


Cobo Ceramic Workshop x In Between Charity Project "SPOONY CODES"

A group of tutors, students and friends of Cobo Ceramic Workshop and In Between, a vintage lifestyle store in Tai Ping Shan Street jointly organised a charitable exhibition and sale “Spoony Codes”. PR for Good connected them with the Hong Kong Network for the Promotion of Inclusive Society (HKNPIS) , a group serving blind and deaf people. In August Cobo ran two workshops for the HKNPIS members – parents with visual /hearing impairments and their children. The workshop is a great opportunity for them to experience ceramic arts. The children also learned to make braille on the spoons, secret codes that facilitate the able- disabled and parent-child communications. More than 200 handmade ceramic spoons have come out and put on charity sale at In-Between (a shop located on Tai Ping Shan Street) in November. Some $20,000 was raised for the HKNPIS’s educational fund for the children of blind & deaf parents in support of its provision of tuition and social activities Thanks to In-Between’s connection, residents in the neighborhood took the beneficiary families on a tour in which they visited the Medical Museum and Blake Garden and learned the history and stories of the community surrounding Tai Ping Shan Street.

Project Citizens Foundation (July 2015)


Project Citizens Foundation is a newly set up civil society organization dedicated to promote the pursuit of quality civic participation and the transfer of Hong Kong’s core values from generation to generation. It aims to create a platform for discourses and exchange of diverse viewpoints. PR for Good was appointed to support the PR and event management of  the launch of Project Citizens Foundation, including its launching event” Project Citizens Forum: Freedom of the Press and Its Enemies” and a press conference on the same day. The efforts generated 32 news articles and 4 media interviews with the Founders

Branding & Marketing Communications for Jolly Map (Dec 2014)


PR for Good was appointed as consultants on brand communications and marketing communications for Jolly Map, an online children outdoors gears shop. Our work included building media relations with reporters and editors for Jolly Map.


Publicity for the World Blind Union General Assembly (Nov 2014)

PR for Good is appointed as the PR partner of the World Blind Union General Assembly, a 4-day conference hosted by the Hong Kong Blind Union between 21 and24 November 2014 in Hong Kong. About350 participants from around the region gathered to discuss how to push for policy changes, social innovation and technological initiatives that will advance the inclusion of visually impaired people into mainstream life and employment. We undertook the efforts in developing newsworthy story ideas, and engaging local and regional media to write about the key issues of concern and advocacy messages. Eventually 30 counts of reports were published.

Event Management of Thematic Seminars for SHKP Reading Club (Nov 2014 – Mar 2015)

SHKP Reading Club set up by Sun Hung Kai Properties Limited in 2013 is devoted to promoting reading in the community. PR for Good was appointed to organise a series of talks with different themes appealing to various target groups. On 1 November 2014, we helped the Reading Club organise a talk featuring sports activities and reading . Four speakers who love sports and reading shared how the two habits enhance themselves physically and mentally.

A highlight of the talk is a body plank workshop led by an athlete. More than 50 participants enjoyed the fun of reading and sports in the spot.

Rebranding the SPCA’s Dogathon (Oct 2014)

To differentiate SPCA from the dog walks organised by peer organisations, PR for Good renamed the event as “Dogathon” (previously “Wag N Walk” ) and developed the event logo to align with the rebranding. Strategic message was developed to appeal for public support to its adoption and rehoming services. Social media was used to raise both fund and awareness.

A press conference was held on 19 Oct 2014, generating 12 counts of local news and entertainment news coverage.

Publicity for Fair Taste's launch of Fairtrade certified bottled tea (Jul – Aug 2014)

In an effort to promote awareness as well as market presence of a new product –Fair Trade certified bottled tea, Fair Taste has engaged PR for Good around the product launch and its marketing communications. During the campaign between early July and 23 August 2014, PR for Good paid careful attention to generate words of mouth among popular food bloggers and columnists by sharing either testimonial or special recipes featuring the product. Pre-event buzz were created through media pitching to food and lifestyle editors prior to a media gathering cum official launch with a blind tasting session. The event has generated positive news coverage on how the product does good to the environment and the well-being of the producers. Consumers were also encouraged to take part in a participatory activity "Sharing the Taste of Fairness" on facebook.

PR for Good delivered a cost-effective campaign that maximized media exposure and supported sales of the new product.
19 counts of coverage in print media, radio and TV programme.
32 posts by food/lifestyle bloggers and facebook page owners.
The company saw an increase of 300 likes over the campaign period.



SPCA: Responsible Pet Ownership Kit & Workshop (Jun 2014)

PR for Good helped the SPCA to organise a press conference on the launch of Asia's first Responsible Pet Ownership Kit & Workshop on 22 June. Our inputs are concentrated on strategic messaging and media pitching. We designed a questionnaire to gauge how parents prepared their children for taking on the responsibilities and commitments of pet ownership. We devise messages on the basis of the survey results and the SPCA education team’s observation on the frontier.

Media turnout is 19. 26 counts of local news coverage were generated, including reporting by TVB Jade and ATV home news on the day, and news stories run in all major newspapers on the following day.


Hysan Urban Farm (Apr 2013)

Hysan Urban Farm on the rooftop of Hysan Place opened in April 2013. PR for Good helped increase awareness about this green initiative that promotes sustainable living and the healthy development of the community. A media event, coupled with strategic media pitching was held to maximize media exposure and engage stakeholders.

33 counts of media coverage were generated.

 Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui Welfare Council: Public Image Audit

The Council has been providing a wide range of social services addressing the needs of the less fortunate members of the community since 1966. PR for Good undertook a public image audit for the Council in February –April 2013 to review the effectiveness of the Council’s communication and fundraising efforts.

Recommendations on the enhancement of PR and communication capability and effectiveness, as well as fund-raising strategies.